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What's the point?

Horror movies are forbidden in the Asylum where I once resided. Our captors even had movie lists scrubbed off the cell walls and declared that writing in blood was a "biohazard". We persisted and when they tired of destroying our efforts I was strapped to an iron gurney. This ENRAGED the voices and thus we began to devise our escape.

As we tasted freedom I hastily rebuilt the list on scraps of soiled paper from the rancid gutter where I slept. The list was finally coming together but Fate had other plans. Misfortune struck again when we found our neighbor's demonic dog devouring the scraps with such voracity that I nearly lost a hand while interrupting his feast. The hound only managed to get three fingers but I fear the stumps have become infected.

I am single-handedly typing this list thanks to the help of our mysterious benefactor. We have yet to meet him but he has set me up with a cot and food and given us some computer equipment. In return he only asks that we work shifts in his red room.

Festering Fissure Funk
From the walls to the paper to the web, our watchlist. We may have seen some of these already but it's hard to tell after all the labotomies.
The killer Eye
John Russo's Midnight
Beyond The Grave
The Barn
The Last Sin Eater
Cat In The Brian
The Changeling
Frequent Fright Flick Flight
These are the horror movies we watch with the greatest frequency.
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, 1974
Evil Dead II, 1987
Night of the Living Dead, 1968
Hellraiser, 1987
It Follows, 2014
Horror Movie Related
Links to some interesting horror movie related things I also have yet to view.
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